binocular fixation

бинокулярная фиксация

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  • Binocular vision — is vision in which both eyes are used together. The word binocular comes from two Latin roots, bini for double, and oculus for eye. [Harper, D. (2001). Online etymological dictionary. Retrieved April 2, 2008, from… …   Wikipedia

  • Binocular disparity — refers to the difference in image location of an object seen by the left and right eyes, resulting from the eyes horizontal separation. The brain uses binocular disparity to extract depth information from the two dimensional retinal images in… …   Wikipedia

  • Fixation disparity — exists when there is a small misalignment of the eyes when viewing with binocular vision. The misaligment may be vertical, horizontal or both. The misalignment (a few minutes of arc) is much smaller than that of strabismus, which prevents… …   Wikipedia

  • fixation — 1. The condition of being firmly attached or set. 2. In histology, the rapid killing of tissue elements and their preservation and hardening to retain as nearly as possible the same relations they had in the living body. SYN: fixing. 3. In… …   Medical dictionary

  • bifoveal fixation — binocular fixation training both eyes on the same object as in ordinary vision …   Medical dictionary

  • Vision in toads — The neural basis of prey detection, recognition, and orientation was studied in depth by Jörg Peter Ewert in a series of experiments that made the toad visual system a model system in neuroethology (neural basis of natural behavior). He began by… …   Wikipedia

  • Microsaccade — For other uses, see Eye movement (disambiguation). Microsaccades are a kind of fixational eye movement. They are small, jerk like, involuntary eye movements, similar to miniature versions of voluntary saccades. They typically occur during… …   Wikipedia

  • phoria — The relative directions assumed by the eyes during binocular fixation of a given object in the absence of an adequate fusion stimulus. See cyclophoria, esophoria, exophoria, heterophoria, hyperphoria …   Medical dictionary

  • Neuroethology — Echolocation in bats is one model system in neuroethology Neuroethology (from Greek νεῦρον neuron nerve and ἦθος ethos habit or custom ) …   Wikipedia

  • orthophoria — Absence of heterophoria; the condition of binocular fixation in which the lines of sight meet at a distant or near point of reference in the absence of a fusion stimulus. [ortho + G. phora, motion] * * * or·tho·pho·ria …   Medical dictionary

  • meter angle — n the angle between the lines of vision and the median plane when the eyes are focused on a point at a distance of one meter in that plane * * * a unit of convergence of the eye: that amount of convergence required for binocular fixation of an… …   Medical dictionary


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